Culturistan Residency Program

14 March 2019 in Projects

The Kiarostami Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of its newest initiative, Culturistan.

Culturistan is a residency program that brings together thinkers and creators from across the globe, founded on the belief that the exchange of diverse ideas is essential to finding innovative ways to meaningfully impact the world around us.

The inaugural session of Culturistan will be held at the Château de Grillemont in France from May 22nd to June 1st, 2019. The eight residents selected for Class I of the program are visionary individuals who are committed to creating positive social change through their work, and represent different professional fields and nationalities.

Throughout the residency, the group will explore a central topic addressing issues relevant to our globalized society and to the creative and impact-focused nature of the participants’ work. The goal of these discussions is to explore new and unexpected perspectives and to ignite dialogue and connections that will continue to inform residents’ projects beyond the program. Each resident brings viewpoints that are unique to their professional and cultural backgrounds, creating fertile ground for transformative exchanges. Residents in Class I will examine the concept of “authenticity,” and what it means to an individual’s work and creative process in an increasingly connected and globalized society.

Residents will share their reflections daily in an online multimedia journal on Culturistan’s website, inviting readers across the globe to follow their experiences during the course of the program.

Culturistan is an initiative of the Kiarostami Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It is generously supported by the Neda Nobari Foundation and the Barjeel Art Foundation.

Learn more about Culturistan at

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