Culturistan Residency Program

Culturistan is a residency program brings together thinkers and creators from across the globe, founded on the belief that the exchange of diverse ideas is essential to finding innovative ways to meaningfully impact the world around us.

24 Frames

At the time of the director’s death in 2016, work on this intimate and elegiac film was mostly, though not entirely, complete. Ahmad, Abbas Kiarostami’s son, helped finished the film and it was released as a co-production of CG Cinema and Kiarostami Foundation.

24 Frames

Director: Abbas Kiarostami Country: Iran / France Year: 2017 Runtime: 114 minutes Color / 1.85 / Stereo For what would prove to be his final film, Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami gave himself a challenge: to create a dialogue between his work as a filmmaker and his work as a photographer, bridging the two art forms…

Take Me Home

Director: Abbas Kiarostami Country: Iran Year: 2016 Run time: 16 minutes Black & White / 1:85 / Dolby An errant soccer ball, deserted back stairways dilapidated by time, and a few animal observers – these are the unusual protagonists of a breathtakingly composed visual study, an unforgettable Iranian filmmaker’s enchanting farewell to the silver screen.


Director: Abbas Kiarostami Country: Cuba Year: 2016 Run time:  9 minutes Color / 1.85 / Stereo A girl lost on a highway is picked up by a kind gentleman. During the journey, the two strangers talk about film and life.

Venice 70: Future Reloaded

Director: Abbas Kiarostami Country: Iran Year: 2013 Run time: 85 seconds Color / 2.35 / Stereo In celebration of the 70th edition of the Venice International Film Festival the Biennale di Venezia created the special project, Venezia 70 – Future Reloaded. 70 movie directors from all over the world were invited to make a short…